Sunday, October 12, 2003

Meeting on epidemic prevention measures

By Our Staff Reporter

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Oct. 6. The District Medical Officer, E. K. Madhavan, has convened a meeting of health supervisors from Primary Health Centres(PHCs) in the district on Tuesday to chalk out preventive strategies against a possible outbreak of water-borne epidemics.

Around 40 supervisors are expected to participate in the meeting which will draft an action-plan to tackle the threat of infectious diseases following incessant rain over the past four days.

Meanwhile, the Health Department has also urged the local bodies to actively participate in the efforts to check the spread of epidemics.

The local bodies have been asked to create awareness about preventive measures in the community and drive home the importance of hygiene.

The alert comes in the wake of a surge in epidemics reported across the State. Between January and September, there have been 3,119 cases and 82 deaths due to dengue, 1,222 cases and 83 deaths due to leptospirosis, 45 cases of cholera, 716 cases and one death of a typhoid case, 1,379 cases and six deaths due to malaria and 96 deaths of undiagnosed viral fever.

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